Favours Obtained


Favors obtained through the intercession of Abbot Francis Pfanner

14 March 2012

I. Healing from severe Epilepsy

My brother Leo, the 12th child in the family, began to suffer from epilepsy when he was in his youth. In spite of medical attention and his taking of tablets the attacks became more severe and more frequent. He inherited our home, but through his sickness all lady friends withdrew from him when they heard about his problem. Therefore he is still alone at home when he returns from work. It became a matter of great distress and concern for all his brothers and sisters. He could not stay alone anymore, and what about the home?

So I told him about Abbot Francis and suggested that we would pray together a novena to him. He agreed. Since then Leo had no attack any more. He takes medication as given by his medical professor of the University Clinic of Innsbruck. Leo works now fulltime and drives his car again. I wish to thank the Servant of God Abbot Francis Pfanner for his intercession.

Sr. M.F.

II. Successful Back operation

For many years my sister Gisela suffered from back pain. It became more and more severe so that an operation was the only hope for relief. After the operation she experienced some relief, but a little while later she was back to square one with more intense pain and walking problems. A second operation was suggested and done.

We started to pray to the Servant of God Abbot Francis Pfanner. She received good healing and lives almost pain free now.

Sr. M.F.

III. Hip operation suspended

During the year 2009 I had increasing pain in my left hip joint. Even the work in the kitchen became difficult. I consulted the doctor, who referred me to a specialist. An x-ray was taken, which showed the deterioration of the hipbone. It was suggested to have the hip replacement done immediately. But my Superior General needed me in Canada. She said: if necessary they can do the operation there as well.

I struggled with the decision. So I started to pray a novena to the Servant of God Abbot Francis. Already on the 3rd day the pain left me and I did not need any longer the Brufen 600mg that the doctor had prescribed for me. This very positive situation has not changed to this day.

Sr. M.F.