Quotations by Abbot Francis Pfanner


“Today is the feast of the ‘Finding of the Cross.’ I also have found a particle of the cross. I will embrace and kiss it and allow myself to be drawn up by it to the Father in heaven. I do not pity myself at all, but only my children, brothers and sisters, who will be troubled without my being there to help them. But I can pray for them, and do so daily; I can even do so when the right to say Holy Mass is taken from me. All for God!”

Letter to Brother Nivard, 3 May 1893

“I beg pardon from everyone I may have offended, and I, on my side, forgive them all, the Bishops, the Cardinals, the Generals, and all my detractors….yes, I forgive them all.” (cf. Mt 6:12)

Abbot Francis Pfanner’s attitude as he made a firm resolution during his last years at Emaus Mission